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We are taking a break! The online store and our shop at 840 Development Drive will be closed June 7-10 inclusive. Online orders may be made for pickups or deliveries on Friday June 11.

Our Story

Audrey Brown


Audrey is the creator of CocoaBistro. She learned the art and science of chocolate at École Chocolat. In February 2015, she attended an intensive Master Class at Cocoa West, Bowen Island, British Columbia. Under the guidance of Master Chocolatier Joanne Mogridge and her artist husband Carlos Vela-Martinez, Audrey learned the fine art of airbrushing with cocoa butter, the science behind the crystalization of chocolate, and the transformation of cream and dark Belgian chocolate into luscious confections.

Come and explore your chocolate vision…

About CocoaBistro

Chocolate has the power to evoke a myriad of thoughts, emotions and physical reactions. The mere mention of the word “chocolate” can bring about these responses…

But what is chocolate exactly? It is the product of a time- and labour-intensive process that transforms the seeds of a fruit into a luxurious and satisfying substance. Discovered by the Aztecs, it was a beverage, a unit of currency, and an aphrodesiac. Today, it is everywhere! Around the world, people consume nut- and nougat-filled chocolate bars in massive quantities.

At CocoaBistro, we believe that chocolate should not be merely consumed, but experienced. It’s that small indulgence In a truffle or ganache-filled confection that transports us, that evokes those feelings that we savour, and rewards us with that gift of chocolate that we deserve in our hectic lives.

Our Mission

Inspiring people to celebrate each day with the gift of chocolate.

Our Vision

We believe that chocolate was intended to be experienced rather than consumed. Each experience forms a special moment that we’re committed to providing every day.

Our Values

  • Creating the best customer experience
  • Passion for chocolate
  • High quality, sustainable ingredients
  • Giving people a reason to smile

Chocolate with Love

At CocoaBistro, we begin the process of making your order as soon as we receive it. Nothing sits on a shelf for days or weeks on end. Unlike the major manufacturers, we don’t use any artificial ingredients to extend shelf-life.

We believe that chocolate deserves respect and should be shaped and flavoured in as pure a form as possible. Our ingredients include Callebaut and Cacao Barry couverture chocolate, fresh locally-sourced cream and butter, and natural flavours that result from the infusion of fresh ingredients in cream. That’s all. No high fructose corn syrup. No artificial flavours.

The only other ingredient is love. A love, not only for chocolate as a product, but as something that creates so many pleasurable emotions within us. Let us share this love with you, in every piece we create.